RESOLVE Secretariat

Racially and Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremism (REMVE)

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While Islamist violent extremism and the threat from al-Qa’ida, Islamic State, and their associates received most of the focus since 2001, more recently, threats and attacks by nationalist and xenophobic VE (particularly white supremacists) has raised serious concerns that this type of VE will destabilize societies. Termed “racially and ethnically motivated violent extremism (REMVE),” these threats have become more visible, prominent, and intertwined with global and geopolitical challenges. Focused on racial and ethnic supremacy, REMVE movements advocate for the suppression or elimination of multicultural societies through overt acts of violence or political manipulation. REMVE ideologies feed off perceived grievances and persecution among in-group members, metastasize quickly, and are easily stoked by global economic and social events. However, REMVE is not a new phenomenon. REMVE ideologies and activities have and continue to threaten to undermine democratic governance and values, strain international systems of cooperation and pluralism, and intensify violence across the globe. 

The RESOLVE Network, in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) and Global Engagement Center (GEC), will carry out a project including convenings and analytical products aimed at coordinating and improving understanding of the dynamics, trends, tactics, online information ecosystems, international connections between REMVE groups. The convenings will engage and elevate the insights and analysis of international and local VE experts from various policy, practice, and research communities. The RESOLVE analytical products will build on these convenings to capture and elevate findings and trends, capable of better informing proactive, informed, and collaborative P/CVE efforts addressing the rise of REMVE worldwide.

Project Publications