LPBI SERIES FACT SHEET: Locating the “Local” in Peacebuilding


This fact sheet provides a snapshot of conclusions from a Research Report produced as part of RESOLVE's Local Peacebuilding Initiative (LPBI), drawing on an extensive literature review and four case studies from leading examples of post-conflict local peacebuilding in sub-Saharan Africa. The report argues that the “local” in local peacebuilding is best defined as local knowledge of conflict drivers and dynamics and locally defined, contextually specific definitions of peace. The report also reviews a wide range of scholarly and practitioner literature on “local” peacebuilding with the goal of helping policymakers better understand the opportunities, challenges and tradeoffs. 

To learn more about the research methodology and detailed findings, please refer to the RESOLVE Research Report by Brandon Kendhammer and Wyatt Chandler: Locating the “Local” in Peacebuilding (2021).