COMPENDIUM: Bangladesh and Violent Extremism: RESOLVE Network Research 2016-2017

Bangladesh and Violent Extremism

This compendium is the collected work of RESOLVE Network publications resulting from RESOLVE’s 2016-2017 Bangladesh Research Initiative.

In 2017, the RESOLVE Network Secretariat engaged in a mixed-methods study, with the goal of teasing apart individual, social, and political dynamics contributing to persistent and emerging drivers of violence in Bangladesh. RESOLVE’s research sought to contribute to the growing body of literature on Bangladesh and violent extremism, where anecdotal indications suggest that the perceived increase in vulnerability to violent extremism and resonance of anti-secular narratives is driven by both external and internal factors.

The following mapping paper; research briefs, coauthored by our 2017 RESOLVE Network Research Fellows and Principal Investigators; and associated factsheets elaborate more fully on findings from RESOLVE’s 2016-2017 Research Initiative on the drivers of discontent and sources of resiliency to violent extremism in Bangladesh. The information contained therein gives nuanced insights useful to policymakers, practitioners, and researchers seeking to better understand the dynamics of conflict in Bangladesh and how otherwise disparate factors contribute to societal vulnerabilities to violent extremism.


Suggested citation:

RESOLVE Network. Compendium: Bangladesh and Violent Extremism: RESOLVE Network Research 2016-2017. Washington, D.C.: RESOLVE Network, 2018. https://doi.org/10.37805/bgd2018.1.