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Enemy Number One: How the Taleban deal with the ALP and uprising groups
Borhan Osman and Kate Clark
It is one of the few ‘truths’ of the Afghan insurgency that the Taleban hate arbaki– their term for locally-recruited defence forces, primarily the Afghan Local Police and uprising groups.These…
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Responses to Boko Haram in the Lake Chad Region: Policies, Cooperation and Livelihoods
Omar S Mahmood, Ndubuisi Christian Ani
Chief among the factors enabling the rise of Boko Haram include a limited state presence and poor governance, underdevelopment and unemployment, environmental pressures enhanced by the receding…
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Measure Your CVE Impact: Practical Guidance on Design, Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation
Cristina Mattei, Sara Zeiger
This guide provides standards of practice for monitoring, measuring and evaluating (MM&E) the results of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) programs and projects, to include projected impact. It…
Gouvernance des diversités : enjeu de prévention de conflits en Afrique / Governance of diversities : a conflict prevention tool for Africa ; book actually in French
The bad management of various diversities in African states remain the root causes of the recurrent internal conflicts that occured throughout the continent. Identity group's perception of…
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Civil Society as a Key (and often missing) Ingredient to Effective Multi-Stakeholder Approaches to Managing the Reverse Flow of FTFs: Challenges and Opportunities
Eric Rosand
Chaired by the Prevention Project’s Eric Rosand this side-event focused on the diverse contributions that civil society organizations (CSOs) can make, and insome cases are making, often in…
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Campuses and Conflict in the Lake Chad Basin: Violent Extremism and the Politics of Religion in Higher Education
Alexander Thurston
"Campuses and Conflict in the Lake Chad Basin" is the first in a series of RESOLVE Network research studies investigating violent extremism and the politics of religion on university…

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