Political violence refers to hostile or aggressive acts motivated by a desire to affect change in the government or society makeup and function. Acts of political violence can arise from ideology or social grievances.

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Misogyny: The Spirit of Terrorism
Namia Akhtar
Contemporary terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS), Boko Haram, Taliban and Al-Qaeda incorporate a political agenda with an ideological twist of Islam, with an interpretation that violates the moral…
NYPD vs. Revolution Muslim: The Inside Story of the Defeat of a Local Radicalization Hub
Jesse Morton, Mitchell Silber
Between 2006 and 2012, two men working on opposite sides of the struggle between global jihadis and the United States faced off in New York City. One was the founder of Revolution Muslim, a group…
The currency of the far-right: why neo-Nazis love bitcoin
Julia Ebner
For extremists, deregulated cryptocurrencies are a potent political statement as much as a means to fund their activities.
Many extremists had their accounts removed from mainstream…
Climate Change and Conflict in Nigeria: The Boko Haram Challenge
Chukwuma Onyia
This paper presents a structural and empirical analysis of the agential of the raison d’être for Nigeria’s
unpreparedness to adapt to changing climate. Structures and strictures of renteir…
States, insurgents, and wartime political orders
Paul Staniland
Bargains, deals, and tacit understandings between states and insurgents are common in civil wars. This fascinating mix of conflict and cooperation shapes patterns of politics, governance, and…
Bringing the Fight Back Home: Western Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria
Dafna Rand, Anthony Vassalo
In September, President Obama will preside over a United Nations Security Council session focused on the surge of global foreign fighters who have been drawn to Syria and Iraq. The foreign fighter…

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