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In consultation with our partners, and a survey of over 400 experts in political violence and violent extremism, the RESOLVE Network identified South and Central Asia as one of the Network regions of focus. Explore our research library, view our Network partners, or login to connect with our community of experts

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Misogyny: The Spirit of Terrorism
Namia Akhtar
Contemporary terrorist groups like Daesh (ISIS), Boko Haram, Taliban and Al-Qaeda incorporate a political agenda with an ideological twist of Islam, with an interpretation that violates the moral…
Enemy Number One: How the Taleban deal with the ALP and uprising groups
Borhan Osman and Kate Clark
It is one of the few ‘truths’ of the Afghan insurgency that the Taleban hate arbaki– their term for locally-recruited defence forces, primarily the Afghan Local Police and uprising groups.These…
Partner Publication
Promoting Inclusive Policy Frameworks for Countering Violent Extremism
Allison Peters and Jahanara Saeed
This case study documents Inclusive Security’s project in Pakistan that brought together a diverse group of women leaders from civil society, police, and parliament to impact processes and dialogues…
Partner Publication
Why De-Radicalization And CVE Remain Major Challenges For Pakistan?
Farhana Kanwal
The Pakistan Center for Excellence (PACE) is a Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) initiative aimed at sensitizing young intellectuals and academics on “critical thinking.” Designed by the Center for…
Partner Publication
Needed — Policy to Counter Extremism
Farooq Yousaf
Counter-terror and military operations have remained a major part of Pakistan’s security policy since 2004. Yet, even with such a heavy-handed focus on security, Pakistan still lacks a comprehensive…
Empowering Pakistan’s Civil Society to Counter Global Violent Extremism
Mehreen Farooq
Over the past several years, WORDE has been leading a comprehensive study through 35 cities and villages in Pakistan to explore the capacity of civil society for peacebuilding. We’ve identified over…

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