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Libya Resource Library

Iraqi Child Marriage Proposal Reflects Worrying Trend
Raya Barazanji
New legislation in the Iraqi parliament that would allow girls as young as 9 to marry is drawing stiff opposition from a nationwide coalition of civil society groups.
Partner Publication
Southern Libya Destabilized: The Case of Ubari
Rebecca Murray
From late 2014 to early 2016—in the security and governance vacuum that has characterized Libya since its 2011 revolution— a conflict raged between the indigenous Tuareg and Tubu tribes of the south-…
Rule of Law Approaches to Countering Violent Extremism (ABA Rule of Law Initiative Issue Paper)
Catherine Lena Kelly
This paper reviews the current social science and policy research on the drivers of violent extremism, describes the types of ABA ROLI rule of law oriented programs that have the potential to counter…
The Protection of Civilians: An Evolving Paradigm?
Gordon, Stuart
Whilst the protection of civilians (POC) in conflict has been a recurring feature of the humanitarian discourse the same has not been true in military doctrines, where the protection of civilians has…
Dissuading State Support of Terrorism: Strikes or Sanctions? (An Analysis of Dissuasion Measures Employed Against Libya)
Collins, Stephen D.
This study examines the efficacy of various strategies of dissuading state support for terrorism. Libya represents the principle case study employed to test the impact of military force, unilateral…
The Internationalization of Terrorist Campaigns
Bapat, Navin A.
Many scholars have examined terrorism as a conflict between a state and a nonstate actor. However, during terrorist campaigns, terrorists often seek sanctuary from target attacks by crossing into…

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Libya Experts

Kateira Aryaeinejad
RESOLVE Network Research Associate
Megan E. Loney
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Monica Duffy Toft
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Philipp Rotmann
GPPi's research, advisory and dialogue activities on global peace & security focus on governance, political economy, norms and organizations of providing (in)security and peace.
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Camille Schyns

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