In consultation with our partners, and a survey of over 400 experts in political violence and violent extremism, the RESOLVE Network identified South and Central Asia as one of the Network regions of focus. Explore our research library, view our Network partners, or login to connect with our community of experts

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2017 RESOLVE Network Global Forum: Confronting the Next Wave of Violent Extremism
The Islamic State may be out in Mosul and on the back foot in Raqqa, but the next chapter in the global narrative of violent extremism has yet to be written. With violent extremists losing…
Resolve Publication
The Governance Nexus: Surveying the Research on Violent Extremism, Governance Failures, and the Quest for Political Legitimacy
Kateira Aryaeinejad, Galen Englund, Candace Rondeaux, Prakhar Sharma, and Megan A. Stewart
With contributions from scholars based at American University, Yale, and several others working in and around the US international development and security community, this paper examines the…
From civilian to combatant: armed recruitment and participation in the Maoist conflict in Nepal
DB Subedi
Early Warning and Response for Preventing Radicalization and Violent Extremism
DB Subedi
Partner Publication
Political Conflict, Extremism and Criminal Justice 
in Bangladesh
Crisis Group
Political repression is reaching new highs in Bangladesh. The government’s abuse of rule of law institutions for political ends has created an atmosphere of injustice that is increasingly exploited…
The ISI and the War on Terrorism
Gregory, Shaun
Pakistan's Directorate of Inter-Service Intelligence [ISI] plays an ambiguous role in the War on Terrorism. An important ally for Western intelligence with whom it has very close links, the ISI…

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