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Algeria Resource Library

The Implications of North African Terrorism for the UK Counter-Terrorism Effort
Gilmore, Margaret
The attack on the Tigantourine gas facility near In Amenas in Algeria highlights the shifting nature of the terrorist threat to the national security of the UK and its interests abroad. It is a sign…
The decline of revolutionary Islam in Algeria and Egypt
Gerges, Fawaz A.
Despite savage killings in Algeria and intermittent attacks on government officials and foreigners in Egypt, the Islamist advance has come to a halt in both countries. Revolutionary Islamists no…
The rise of religion and the fall of the civilization paradigm as explanations for intra-state conflict
Fox, Jonathan
The study presented here compares the impact of Samuel Huntington's concept of civilizations and that of religion on domestic conflict between 1960 and 2004 using the State Failure data set. The…
Articles Terrorism and Political Violence in Africa : Contemporary Trends in a Shifting Terrain
Forest, James J. F. & Giroux, Jennifer
Terrorism is just one of several types of political violence that states and their citizens, in
Africa and elsewhere, have had to grapple with. In fact, from a macro perspective, terrorism may…
Unintended Architectures: Terrorism's Role in Shaping Post-War France, the European Union, and the Muslim Presence in the West
Dooley, Kevin & Saunders, Robert A.
This article argues that the Algerian FLN (Front de libŽration nationale) played a major role in shaping the character of post-Second World War Europe. A sub-state terrorist organization dedicated to…
The Egalitarian Face of Islamic Orthodoxy: Support for Islamic Law and Economic Justice in Seven Muslim-Majority Nations
Davis, Nancy J. & Robinson, Robert V.
The authors test two theories linking religion and economic beliefs in predominantly Muslim nations using data from national surveys of Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, and…

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