Country of Focus: Somalia


Somalia is a country in the Horn of Africa that borders Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, and Somaliland. The country has a population of approximately 10.6 million people. Contemporary challenges facing the country include the weak governance, food insecurity, and terrorism. Somalia is the Priority 3 country of ten countries of focus identified in the Network research agenda.

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Somalia Research Themes of Interest

The RESOLVE Secretariat has identified the following possible themes of interest for researchers investigating the drivers of violent extremism in Somalia. Interested in contributing ideas for research themes or projects? Email us at and make sure to fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

* Public discourse on religious identity, sectarian violence, social cohesion, and community resilience to violent extremism;

* Religious claims around justice, security, and morality and the relationship between the state, religious actors and institutions, and the public;

* The role of state security institutions in influencing community responses to violent extremism and how security structures impact public views on extremism;

* The mechanisms and demographics of radicalization and the role of social identity and social mobility, particularly for youth, in collective community decisions to reject, passively support, or actively participate in violent social movements;

* Assessments of foreign fighter demographics and recidivism rates among former members of extremist groups and analysis of prison social networks, and family support networks for former extremists;

* Assessments of indicators of community resilience, social integration, and non-violent strategies employed by different community actors in response to violent extremism.

Somalia Research Library

The RESOLVE Network Secretariat team has compiled an ever-growing corpus of +3000 documents to form the basis of our Research Library. Below is a collection of articles about or relating to issues of governance, ideas, individuals, and violence in Somalia. Spanning disciplines from political science to anthropology, criminology and epidemiology, this searchable resource is a great tool for those new to the field and seasoned experts alike. Articles, reports, and papers will be added on an iterative basis. Interested in contributing a resource? Email us at

YearAuthorTitlePublication TitleUrl
2014Schaferhoff, MarcoExternal Actors And The Provision Of Public Health Services In SomaliaGovernanceWeb Link
2006Menkhaus, KenGovernance Without Government In Somalia Spoilers, State Building, And The Politics Of CopingInternational SecurityWeb Link
2014Loubser, Helge-Mari; Solomon, HusseinResponding To State Failure In SomaliaAfrica ReviewWeb Link
2007Stevenson, JonathanRisks And Opportunities In SomaliaSurvivalWeb Link
2016Dobos, BohumilShapeshifter Of Somalia: Evolution Of The Political Territoriality Of Al-ShabaabSmall Wars & InsurgenciesWeb Link
2002Western, JonSources Of Humanitarian Intervention: Beliefs, Information, And Advocacy In The U.S. Decisions On Somalia And BosniaInternational SecurityWeb Link
2016Mueller, Jason C.The Evolution Of Political Violence: The Case Of Somalia's Al-ShabaabTerrorism and Political ViolenceWeb Link
2015Ahmad, AishaThe Security Bazaar: Business Interests And Islamist Power In Civil War SomaliaInternational SecurityWeb Link

Somalia Research Blog

Highlights from the Somalia Community of Practice and other Somalia related information collected by the Network Secretariat.

December 23, 2016

What We’re Reading #6 – Network Countries of Focus: Somalia

DECEMBER 2016 This month, the RESOLVE Network team’s “What We’re Reading” post features research addressing concepts related to governance, ideas, individuals, and violence in the country […]

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